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abelina in dw_britglish

What colour is this?

It's obviously pink, but what kind of pink?   I would call it "bubblegum pink", but what might Rose call it?



I'd call it baby pink.
candyfloss pink?
I was considering that one, actually. I think it's what I might end up using. Thanks :)
I agree with candyfloss.
Barbie pink or Disney pink?
Yes - Barbie pink was my first thought.
It seems to have a mauvish tinge to it, so maybe mauvish pink or pinkish mauve (or mauvy pink or pinky mauve)? But I'm not very good at colours.

BTW, full marks for spelling "colour" the British way in the title of your post. :)
Thanks for the marks, LOL, though I'm from Canada and we spell words with 'u' in them, too. Or at least we are supposed to!
I am reminded of a fic in another British fandom in which a witness's written description of a suspect makes no sense (wearing green pants and matching vest, jumped out of a first floor window) until the police detective speaks to the witness and hears his accent, which he assumes to be American. When the witness says he's Canadian, the detective thinks, 'American, with some extra u’s' and starts "translating" the statement into British English.
Showing my age, I would call it crushed raspberry, but I don't think Rose would register Jackie Kennedy's outfit.
I'm not British, but in a case such as this, I'd look up a similarly coloured outfit on the website of an UK-based online fashion store. After all, Rose earned her living sorting clothes for a couple of years, so she'd be familiar with the industry terms for clothing colours.

And I think she would notice the outfit, at least in passing. She clearly had her fun dressing up fashionably on the show (and in the comics even dragged Nine shopping in the 1970s). Just because she doesn't feel the need to dress smartly all the time and treats it more like a wearing a costume for fun than a daily obligation to be pretty, doesn't mean she's unable to colour-coordinate if she wants to make the effort.

Given Rose's usual colour preferences, especially her bedroom, I can even see her thinking that she'd like to dress up like that if she ever ends up in that time period again. Wasn't the dress she was wearing in "The Idiot Lantern" the same shade of pink?
I might actually call it rose.
first colour that came to mind was bubblegum pink