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Wales Football and Rugby Seasons

Please help - Google is failing me tonight: in what time of year are football and rugby played?  Spring, summer, fall?  How long does a season last?

Thank you very much for any and all help.

I apologize, but I didn't see a "sports" tag.


Rugby is on almost every week on BBC2 Wales, mostly on Friday night. And if it isn't on there it is on S4C TV channel in Welsh [with English commentary available during the match on the red button.] this isn't shown in England, Scotland or Ireland, though Scotland and Ireland May have their own programmes. This is for club rugby. There is also a rugby round up prog on Sunday called Srum Five.

Most of the home nations have a series of 'Autumn Internationals' now against Southern Hemisphere teams I.e. Australia and New Zealand. The Six Nations is the big one and starts in February. Wales have been champions for the last two years.
I live back in Wales now and believe me, rugby is big but so is football. The problem is is the the football is mostly on satellite television, so pay to see.
And like the others say, football never seems to be off, though the season does end in May [till August].
Thank you very much! :)