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Wales Football and Rugby Seasons

Please help - Google is failing me tonight: in what time of year are football and rugby played?  Spring, summer, fall?  How long does a season last?

Thank you very much for any and all help.

I apologize, but I didn't see a "sports" tag.


I'm not a football fan, but I think the answer will depend on your time period to a certain extent. In the 1970s the FA Cup was about the last event of the season, and that was about the 7th of May. After that weekend - at least to the casual observer - there was nothing much until the season started about the beginning of September. (By "the season" I suppose I mean the regular weekly matches of the English ?including Welsh? League.)

In the summer there are tours and exhibition matches etc. It may be of interest to note that as far as I'm aware, until very recently people only watched matches of their own country. It came as a huge surprise to me recently to find that on satellite channels in the UK you can routinely watch football matches from many other countries.

If it's amateur football you're talking about, ie people playing in local leagues in local parks, then as far as I know that's still a winter game. I've just looked up the Southern League team from my home town and as far as I can make out their first League match for 2013/14 was 17th August and the last will be 26th April.

If you have a character who doesn't like football, they may well be heard to comment "Bloody football never stops nowadays". This matters because television programming here is very heavily skewed towards football, and there is an assumption that if a big match is happening, that is interesting and important and the schedules will be moved around to accommodate it. It's not at all unusual to find a programme you wanted to watch has been cancelled because England have got to X round of Y competition. And yes, if they say on the news "England have done < whatever >", you're expected to know that they mean the England football team, unless it's obvious that they mean the Rugby team or the cricket team. Never do they mean the actual country. /rant

ETA: You could try googling "TownName football club" for fixtures etc.

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I was going to be deliberately vague about most of it, I was basically just looking for an approximate timeframe when the characters could be watching a match on television (I wouldn't be referencing the match beyond its existence, but I needed to know if the time in which they'd be watching was a time when football or rugby was shown on TV, :).

Thanks for the advice.

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Yes! AND it's the flipping World Cup this year. When it's a big match, ie England gets to the Quarter finals, then two (out of four) terrestrial channels will air it!