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Wales Football and Rugby Seasons

Please help - Google is failing me tonight: in what time of year are football and rugby played?  Spring, summer, fall?  How long does a season last?

Thank you very much for any and all help.

I apologize, but I didn't see a "sports" tag.


Football just never stops. Technically there's a season, but the different cups overlap and they fill the gap with friendlies and the transfer window.

Rubgy has two codes, Union and League. Union runs from September to May and then finishes with the playoffs and finals, whereas the League season has only just started. League is played primarily up North, Union is played everywhere (and you can't play both. It happens, but it's really not the done thing). The main League competition in the UK is the European Super League, which is played between 13 English clubs and one French club; no Scottish, Welsh or Irish.

Depends what you're wanting it for, whether it's participation, watching on TV or attending a match, and where they are.
I was looking for an approximate time when it would be shown on television.
All year around for football, then, less so for the rugby codes. Seriously, it Never Stops. A couple of weeks back here a news report about the reburial of Richard III was pushed back three days because someone wanted to buy a football club and they had to use the time to report that there wasn't any news and he hadn't gone to the match.
/bitter cricket fan
Wow! Huh, I forgot about cricket - when is that played, usually, please?
Cricket is a summer game only, because it stops for rain, so mid-April to September. There are international matches played over winter, but those tend to be at times when they're not going to be televised (or at least watched live) because of the time differences.
Gotcha - thank you, :).
To clarify, those international matches are being played abroad rather than in Britain, in countries where it's either their summer or else they are tropical countries so that the weather is warm even in winter. And Sky TV does show a lot of those matches live, even though in some cases they are on in the middle of the night UK time.