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abelina in dw_britglish

What is the word for this item of clothing


How would Rose refer to the zippered shirt she is wearing in the Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit?  I would probably call it a hoodie even though it doesn't have a hood.  Is there a better Britglish word?


Buttondown is not used the same by every American. I think different regions and even age groups would have their own spin on what the term describes. For me, a 64 year-old mid-westerner, it would be used to describe a shirt that buttons all the way down the front, and that would be appropriate for business wear or to be worn with a suit and possible a tie. All the shirts on this page would be 'button-downs'. http://www.landsend.com/shop/mens-dress-shirts/-/N-fzl

Most 'oxford' shirts are buttondowns, but most buttondowns are not necessarily oxfords. To me it means a fabric that is crosswoven from a solid colored thread and a white thread.
This process produces a softer colored shirt that is be more appropriate for business wear than a more intense color might be. These are examples of oxford shirts. http://www.landsend.com/products/mens-tailored-fit-solid-no-iron-supima-oxford-dress-shirt/id_233704