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abelina in dw_britglish

What is the word for this item of clothing


How would Rose refer to the zippered shirt she is wearing in the Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit?  I would probably call it a hoodie even though it doesn't have a hood.  Is there a better Britglish word?


Thanks for that. i've always been puzzled by references in fic to "Oxford shirts" or "button-down"... I wondered if there were some little Oxford crest over the breast pocket or some such, or that the collar had those tiny little buttonholes in the points.

Now I know they just mean shirts.
The "Oxford" part refers to the type of weave of the cloth!
Ah! Thanks! Learning something new every day!

Haha, me too. I always assumed that a "button-down" shirt was one that had a button-down collar!
So did I :D