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television shows...

Would the US show Little House on the Prairie be something Rose Tyler would be somewhat familiar with even if only from re-runs?  Or is there a British show I could reference taking place at a time where people wore similar type of clothing?  Context is a comparison to the clothing of the aliens on a planet she and the Doctor are visiting to the type of clothing worn on a show (my mind thinks Little House, what would Rose's think?)


There doesn't seem to be a tag for television, otherwise I'd have picked that.


I was born in 1982 and I remember Little House on the Prairie airing in my young childhood. I think it was on around midday on a Sunday on channel 4. In fact, a little googling revealed this article that shows it aired in 1992, at least, when Rose would have been 6. And since Jackie probably couldn't have afforded Sky TV at the time, choice of programming would have been very limited which makes it likely Rose would have seen it at some point and definitely would have been aware of it.
Excellent, thank you!
Yes, it's a cultural reference Rose might make. I'm trying to think of a similar UK show - but there has yet to be a 'pioneer reconstruction reality show' like 'The Victorian House'.
I was born 1988, and whilst I don't remember actually watching the show it is something that I was aware of. Rose would know enough of it to comment on the fashion, but may not necessarily know character names, plot, etc.
Thanks this is perfect. The extent of the reference is just about the clothes, no other details needed. Thank you!