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Unwanted phone calls

Is there any particular agency, company or organization that is particularly known for being dedicated to making unwanted phone calls? Either especially dedicated telemarketers or collections agencies, but from the type who would potentially be trying to reach Rose Tyler. Are there any government organizations that would be calling her about something she could have forgotten to pay/attend who would be well-known for being dogged in trying to reach their client?


TV licensing


The agency that collects TV licence revenue is completely notorious for writing threatening letters and visiting the homes of people who do not have licences (or, indeed, people who do - or people who do not have TV receivers). I don't know whether they ever call anyone, but nobody would ever have any difficulty believing it.
I've never heard of TV Licensing phoning people, just churning out letters and sendng inspectors round. (though I admit I wouldn't be too surprised...)

Gven Rose lives with her mother she won't have utility or council tax bills in her name, so I think mobile phone contract cockup leading to debt collectors phoning her would be most likely. If she'd been to university, then the Student Loans Company would be the one - they are tenacious and proactive and amaziingly incompetent.
They do call people, I got a call from them yesterday!
Telephone and utility companies here are notorious for intrusive telemarketing.

Also "computer support: we have found a virus on your computer" scammers.
Those "Microsoft Technical Department" calls only started about two years ago; I would have difficulty believing Rose was getting calls from them in 2005-8.

OP, I'll try to come back when I'm properly awake with something more positive!
Nooooo, we've been getting them at least 6 years.
If she ever made the mistake of signing up for a private health club/spa then she'll be receiving calls from them forever to take up 'special offers' or 'sign up a friend', or pay a bill that she never ran up in the first place.
When I shared a house with my sister a few years ago, she was constantly getting phone calls (and I mean 3 or 4 times a week) from Littlewoods catalogue because she kept sending her monthly payments late or missing them completely, I could imagine Rose having a mail order catalogue.
Double glazing salespersons

Timeshare/"free" holiday scams

Tax collectors [Though they will usually just fine you if you haven't paid your self assessment on time]

"We're just conducting a survey...." [said people are resistant to identifying their company or its phone number]

[Close to polling day, political parties] "Can we count on your vote?"

Usually from companies you may have signed up to, but then switched, or expressed interest in. Electric, gas, and phone companies are notorius for it. And if you say the person they want to speak to is unavailable right now to try and get rid of them they call back. PPI claims as well if that fits your time period. Sales calls from double glazing. Loft and wall insulation was a thing a few years back or so as well. Mobile phone companies, for surveys or to upsell if you're with them, or to get you to switch to them. (ie. O2, Vodaphone, Orange. Don't think 3 was around/common in Rose's time?)