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Why I watch Merlin

meatball42 in dw_britglish

My character needs a degree like burning

At my high school we had a College Counselling Office that did its best to crowbar students into applying for universities (jk). What would this be called in Britain? University Counselling?



Sounds most like the careers service to me, which is staffed by careers advisors. They shouldn't try and force kids to uni though, just help them find the rightpath (and sometimes manage expectations)
Yeah, careers advisors in Scotland too. Career Guidance, I think they called it, at my school.
Yes, sounds like Careers Advisors to me. But they don't try to force people to go, especially now it costs so much, because not everyone is suited to the life, and not everyone has a chance of getting suitable grades to get in. There is a target nowadays of something like 50% of teenagers going on to university, but personally I think that's ridiculous. 50% of all jobs are not graduate level, and I'd guess only perhaps 20% of the population actually have the academic capability to do a degree.

I misread your title twice - first I thought you were asking about "a degree like XX", as in what sort of degree they should go for, and then I thought you were asking for a definition of x-degree burns (like first-degree, second-degree burns)! Thinking about it, I have heard the phrase "like burning" to mean "quite a lot", but it doesn't exactly spring to mind.

And what is "(jk)"?
"Just kidding".

They didn't try to force us to go 25 years ago either. Careers at my school boiled down to "what do you want to study and/or be? Do your subject choices make sense? Great!" (or "Oops, let's suggest these A levels instead"). There was no separate member of staff for Careers, the Careers option at school A (remote) was a person from the central county council Education department who visited sometimes to give talks, the Careers option at school B was "pop down to the centre of town and visit the Careers Service there" (a council centre which was open to anyone, not just school children, though we did get priority appointments).
As others have said, the closest thing we had was Career's Advice. In our school there was a office with a Careers Advisor in it (this was her only job in the school, she wasn't also a teacher or anything like that). Basically they asked us if we knew what we wanted to do, what A levels we were/wanted to do and what degree we wanted to do if we were applying to uni (and then when I said I was doing Maths tried to persuade be to become a teacher...).

We were never forced into uni, although they'd tell us if they recommended a degree for the career we wanted.
Our Careers Advisor also organised work experience placements :)

My school actually was pretty into persuading us to go to uni, but I did go to a grammar school (test at 11 or high grades at 16)
Not every student does A-levels or even stays on to do 6th form so I imagine it depends on the type of student how the career advisor might handle it. Don't they basically just tell you what A-levels you might need if you're interested in a particular course or career?