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timelord1 in dw_britglish

Getting High?

I checked the archives, but could not find an answer to this one, so here we go. (2-part question)

1 - Is "hash" a term used in the UK for marijuana?


2 - What would be a good slang term for getting high? 

Thank you in advance!!! :) 


1. Yes!

2. Stoned, getting wankered [also works for getting drunk], buzzed.
Thank you very much!!! :D
re 1 - Hash is a term used specifically (at least in my experience) for processed cannibis resin http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabis_%28drug%29#Hashish

Depending on your character/background/location/time then they might be more likely to be smoking unprocessed weed (called weed or more often bud).
Thank you! So it's different from marijuana, but is still a thing....excellent! :)