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Jack plotting

donutsweeper in dw_britglish

A food somone might turn their nose up at

I have no idea how to research this. I need some sort of food that is easily obtainable in the UK that would make the rest of the team baulk when they see Jack eating it. (Along the lines of them walking into to see Jack scarfing down (btw- is that phrase used in the UK? - ETA 'scoffing' not scarfing, thank you) X and everyone's immediate reaction ranges from O.o to ewww to oh, Jack.

I've perused some UK food blogs and online stores and came across Prawn Cocktail Quavers which, to me anyway, sounds like something someone would only eat on a bet but I'd like to know what actual Brits think on it.

Suggestions, anyone?

Thanks a lot!

ETA- it doesn't have to be a snack food, just something he can purchase and eat 'as is' as opposed to having to take time to cook/bake/prepare. Thanks!

ETA#2- Prawn Quavers are out. Now I am considering tinned meatballs or other meat-like product or pickled eggs and/or gherkins. You people ROCK, thanks for all the help!


Tinned meatballs (bonus points for cold, straight from the tin), Spam, or
pork scratchings. Prawn cocktail-flavoured crisps are quite normal and not at all baulk-worthy IMO, but most tinned/processed meat products are dubious at best...
oh that is an AWESOME suggestion. Dubious-meat-product is always a winner! Thanks!
It should be spam. They could sing...