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Jack plotting

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A food somone might turn their nose up at

I have no idea how to research this. I need some sort of food that is easily obtainable in the UK that would make the rest of the team baulk when they see Jack eating it. (Along the lines of them walking into to see Jack scarfing down (btw- is that phrase used in the UK? - ETA 'scoffing' not scarfing, thank you) X and everyone's immediate reaction ranges from O.o to ewww to oh, Jack.

I've perused some UK food blogs and online stores and came across Prawn Cocktail Quavers which, to me anyway, sounds like something someone would only eat on a bet but I'd like to know what actual Brits think on it.

Suggestions, anyone?

Thanks a lot!

ETA- it doesn't have to be a snack food, just something he can purchase and eat 'as is' as opposed to having to take time to cook/bake/prepare. Thanks!

ETA#2- Prawn Quavers are out. Now I am considering tinned meatballs or other meat-like product or pickled eggs and/or gherkins. You people ROCK, thanks for all the help!


We'd say 'scoffing' rather than 'scarfing'

Quavers are very popular (especially with kids) so I don't think they would work for what you want.

The thing that immediately comes to mind would be gherkins. Although people do eat them, they are the sorts of things that a lot of people don't like and would be a disgusted by if someone was scoffing them down. Although this might be a personal thing, because my brother eats them like that!
We'd say 'scoffing' rather than 'scarfing'

Oh excellent, thanks *makes notes*

Gherkins here are basically small pickles, usually of the sweeter variety rather than a garlicky or sour one, is it the same there?
Prawn Cocktail Quavers, not seen them in ages. But Skips have a default flavour of Prawn Cocktail, and those are fairly popular, so that might not be the best choice.

If you're not limiting yourself to snack foods, then you could have him eating haggis. Quite a lot of non-Scots turn their noses up at that, especially if they know what it's made of (the bloody great wusses). Or maybe a deep-fried Mars Bar (which isn't the same as an American Mars Bar, I believe), which is also a rather Scottish thing to eat, and possibly not available in Cardiff.

"Scarfing down" is a phrase in use in Britain, though I'm not sure how commonly used it is.

Prawn is such an odd thing (in my uncultured American opinion) to have as a favouring option, I had no idea it was so popular there!
Tinned meatballs (bonus points for cold, straight from the tin), Spam, or
pork scratchings. Prawn cocktail-flavoured crisps are quite normal and not at all baulk-worthy IMO, but most tinned/processed meat products are dubious at best...
oh that is an AWESOME suggestion. Dubious-meat-product is always a winner! Thanks!
Spam? Widely available straight out of the tin, but I've never seen a single person eat it. Ever. I'd definitely think it was weird to see someone enjoying a bit of spam.
Spam is here too and I have to admit, I agree wholeheartedly with your opinion of it. :)
There's nothing wrong with Prawn Cocktail Quavers! (Seriously, you don't have prawn cocktail flavour?) Gherkins are like miniature cucumbers, pickled in a jar, and they can be a rather greyish sort of green in the jar, which puts some people off (I love 'em). Black pudding is an option, although it generally needs cooking first.

What about baked beans? A lot of people think eating baked beans cold is disgusting, and eating them from the tin adds another layer of yuck for those of finer sensibilities.

Seconding "scoffing" rather than "scarfing".
We don't have Quavers here, but I've never seen prawn flavoured anything here. Or any other kind of seafood or meat flavouring other than taco or bacon that I can come up with off the top of my head.
Pot Noodles! I don't know ANYBODY who would admit to eating Pot Noodles. And no, we don't scarf our food, although we might, conceivably, scoff it (although that does sound rather 1950s schoolboy slang).
From what I can tell pot noodles are similar to the US' ramen noodles. Typical food for the cash strapped university student and happily left behind when you can afford nearly *anything* else. Am I right?
Bother - LJ ate my comment. Try again.

In England (I don't know about Wales) you find two jars on the counters of the local chippie - one of pickled gherkins (a food which also occasionally turns up as garnish on MacDonald's Polystyreneburgers, in themselves a candidate for the 'eugh' factor), and the other of pickled eggs.

Which look disturbingly like eyeballs. I have never seen anyone purchase one, let alone consume it.

I have eaten, with pleasure, squid, baby octopus, and escargot - but they don't really fit your criteria,

I have to agree with you on that, I've seen pickled eggs before and I have to say I would definitely give someone a look if I saw them happily munching on them
Maybe cockles or mussels, you can get them pickled in jars. They're one of those love or hate things, with a lot more people on the EW! side.
I've never even heard of those, thanks!
I'd suggest herring rollmops

I love them, but just about everyone else I know either pulls faces at them, asks what the heck they are, or just flat out refuses to eat them. They do have a very strong, and somewhat acquired taste, admittedly.
I have never heard of these. They don't quite work for what I had in mind for this fic, but I will definitely make note of them for later, thanks!
Another possibility is Marmite or bovril straight out of the jar. Marmite especially is a food where you either love it or hate it; there is no in-between ground.
I was going to suggest Marmite. It's disgusting.
I suggest Spam, Pot Noodles, Micro Chips (might be a bit retro) and my husband sometimes eats these ridiculous fake hamburgers you stick in the microwave called "Rustlers". They are horrible!
As above, cockles or muscles, jellies eels http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jellied_eels also are love them or hate them. A large number of people would find the idea of sweetbreads http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sweetbread (animal glands and bits) and black pudding (pigs blood) http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_pudding gross.
And winkles. My housemate can't stay in the same room when I'm eating winkles.

I can imagine Jack borrowing some sort of medical probe from Ianto in order to dig them out of their shells.
Jellied Eels.

Just...Jellied Eels.

My dad is from Essex and used to eat them as a boy. You can normally buy them, now, in a small pot from the Fishmonger Counter in a supermarket. He thinks they are the best thing ever.

The rest of the family respectfully disagree. And by disagree I mean I will practically heave at the thought of them.
I am going to suggest oysters, eaten raw from the shell ...

Although I think the others would be sophisticated enough not to find oysters in their proper place disgusting, there is the aphrodisiacal effect which would definitely make them look askance at him.
Pfft, it's lovely. xD
Tripe. [Cooked cow's stomach].

IMHO, it smells of vomit and tastes about 10 times worse.

This does need a fair bit of cooking, though.


Snack food :

Pickled onions, straight from the jar? Same goes for Sauerkraut.

Bovril/Onion flavour crisps

Raw garlic

[Gherkins are I think what you would call Dill pickles]
I sometimes eat bread (usually wholemeal), spread with jam (preferably raspberry) and topped with slices of Wensleydale or Cheshire cheese. A lot of people appear to find this disgusting, though I have no idea why.
That is perfectly acceptable to me. Basically its a variant of a cheesecake when you think about it. It's what crumbly cheeses are for. If it were a cheddar I could understand the eyebrow raising, but crumbly cheeses go well with fruit.